Sassmannshaus Tradition

The Sassmannshaus Tradition is an innovative string program made available to young children in the Greater Cincinnati area. The program uses the "Early Start on the Violin" method, also available for Viola, Cello and Double Bass, written by Egon Sassmannshaus, translated and expanded by Kurt Sassmannshaus. This beginner series, the "Sassmannshaus Tradition" is the best selling and most successful European violin method. It has been translated in many languages, including Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. The techniques taught in this method are also explained in many videos on the Website 

The Sassmannshaus Tradition provides an individual program of instruction for students ages four and above.

Each child receives a weekly private lesson on violin, viola cello and a chamber music lesson. The teachers for this program are specially selected by Prof. Sassmannshaus from an experienced class of graduate students at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM).


Students meet with a private instructor for 30, 45 or 60 minutes weekly. Our private instructors, selected by Prof. Kurt Sassmannshaus, are experienced graduate students and college faculty who have successfully completed the teacher training course for this method.
The student will learn 
  • to stand or sit (cello) and play the instrument with a healthy and correct posture.
  • how to produce a beautiful sound through correct right hand technique: bow grip, the basics of bow speed, bow pressure, sounding point. As the child progresses in the method  instructions and practices in rudimentary principles of advanced techniques of both right hand and left hand.
  • to reading music from the very beginning.
  • to follow methodical practice schedules 
  • techniques of memorization. 

Parental involvement is critical to successfully learn an instrument in early childhood. The Sasssmannshaus Tradition program encourages that a parent, grandparent or caregiver attend the lesson and practice with the child on a daily basis.



As soon as a child can play the first few song and simple canons the Sassmannshaus Tradition program will form small groups of two to four children in chamber groups. In this introduction to ensemble playing each child will play it's own individual part.  


  • Weekly 30-minutes class.
  • 2 to 4 children per chamber group.
  • Music selections are chosen from traditional chamber repertoire, folk songs, arrangements from The Sassmannshaus Tradition books, and transposed standard string quartets.
  • Chamber music enables children to socialize in a nonverbal context, learn to listen to more than themselves, and develop the ability to react  spontaneously to other players.


At the end of each semester students perform in a recital in one of CCM's concert halls.  Each student will get a chance to perform their solo piece(s) with a pianist. As appropriate students will also perform with their chamber music ensemble. Solo pieces are expected to be played by memory. Students are also encouraged to participate in other local and CCM Prep. Department activities, competitions, and recitals.

We are currently accepting applications. Please write to for more information on The Sassmannshaus Tradition enrollment.